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Message from the Principal

Message from the Principal

BEYOND THE BOUNDARIES OF BOOKS ...............................................................

In the true spirit of our motto "Higher, Stronger, Brighter", we strive to elevate the learning experience of our students child to a new level of understanding, thereby strengthening the knowledge base, ensuring a firm grasp of the fundamentals, and creating a brighter future. all this in a verdant idyllic ambience, where one can be knowledgeable, skilled, open, direct, confident and articulate. Scholar, athlete, actor, poet, painter, musician and dedicated trier all find a place in this community. They have the opportunity to develop their individual abilities and discover their talant potentials.

At G. D. Goenka Global School,Hisar (GDGGSH), governed by Mr. Mukesh Sharma Charitable Trust (Regd.) we seek to engender a love for learning, going far beyond simple book-learning, to foster a spirit of creativity, innovation and achievement. Particular attention is paid to the inculcation of key values like national pride, national integration and international brotherhood.

The GDGGSH learning models are based on recognizing and identifying the potential inherent in each child and then, leveraging a series of teaching tools and initiatives to elicit the best from the student, in terms of knowledge, skill development and leadership. GDGGSH also emphasizes and fosters the development of thinking skills, reflection, ideation and innovation and provides ample opportunities to its students to hone these skills.

Our mission is not to create but develop the potential of each child. Teaching - learning at GDGGSH in not just education, but a broad mandate for leadership.

GDGGSH provides an ideal learning environment, a highly qualified and experienced faculty, picked through rigorous selection process by CBSE trainers, an optimum student-teacher ratio and extensive interaction between teachers and parents. Moreover, these are backed by the latest teaching aids and technology to create a unique learning experience. Thus, students get an opportunity to enhance their learning using specially designed computer systems and software, and contemporary audio-visual aids like plasma televisions and laser disks. Like the campus buildings, the classrooms and laboratories are ergonomically designed, and air-conditioned to provide a clean and comfortable learning environment in which young minds can function efficiently.

Since its inception, our endeavour is to make our little Goenkans all set to face the future as confident and patriotic citizens. We help our little ones to face each day with the freedom of thought and let their creative spirit blossom because children are our ambassadors in the society and the live message that we send to the future. 

Dr. R.P.Singh