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Fully furnished luxurious centrally air cooled rooms uninterrupted power & water supply. Homely and hygienic atmosphere. Nutritious veg-food and snacks. 24 hours prompt medical assistance. Pastoral care by the house parent, resident staff and the school counselors. 
Students are expected to follow these rules when they join the hostel: 
  • First and foremost, all students are expected to acquaint themselves with the hostel rules and regulations. Lack of awareness about the rules will not be seen as a reason for not following them.
  • You will need to share your room with another students and you have to adjust with each other.
  • Hostel rules and timings is a must. Any Violation can result in strict action being taken by the school authorities.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the hostel without permission and this is to be followed verystrictly
  • Keeping in touch with your parents on every sunday would ensure that you don ’t feel home sick.
  • If your roommates intentionally disturb you while studying, try and make them understand this. If this does not work, bring it to the notice of the hostel warden at the earliest. 
  • Be friendly and helpful to other hostel members.
  • Participate in functions or programmes organized in the hostel/school, in this way you will develop your extra curricular activities.
  • If your seniors ask you to introduce yourself to them, cooperate if it is in the spirit of fun and not harassment. If they try to trouble you physically or mentally, immediately complain to the warden.
  • Give priority to your studies. Remember your parents have let you to study outside because they trust you.
  • Try to maintain a healthy relationship with other students. Never interfere in others’ personal matters.
  • Learning cultures : One feature of hostel life in you must learn to share your room with a person from another state or region. This can be a real learning experience. There may be initial adjustment problems, but gradually you learn about other cultures.
  • Last but not the least - avoid carrying valuable things as you alone will be responsible for their safety.